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Before we talk pricing, let’s talk about choosing a photographer. Choosing a photographer should not be based on price. First and foremost, you need to choose a photographer who offers a style that you love! If you choose a photographer because he/she is less expensive, you will end up with photos that you don’t love simply because you can afford it. Why not take some time to save some money, choose the photographer you love, and splurge on photos that speak to your heart? Photographs are all we have to remember the way our child looked toddling around at 2, or the look of two young newlyweds on their special day… Choosing the right photographer to capture these moments is something you will never regret spending the money on… But choosing a photographer strictly based on price and having poor quality photos, or no photos at all, is something you will regret for a lifetime. Photography should be viewed as an investment. An investment in the photographs that will be passed to your children and then to your grandchildren…

So what is my style? I believe in finding and photographing connection. Connections between a mother and her child. The connection between a bride and a groom. That is truly what I love. My ideal session is a wonderful summer evening, full of sun and warmth, with a mother and her small child. There is something magical to me about the way they look at each other… The way they interact as if no one is there but them. I prefer to photograph your newborn baby in nothing but your arms, the way nature intended. If this is what you are looking for in a photographer, than I am the photographer for you.

Over the years I have found that 99% of my clients want all of the photos on a flash drive with printing rights. I have decided to streamline my pricing and offer just one package with the session fee included and all of the digital files on a flash drive. The fee for a session of 1-5 people is $495. If you would like to add more people, the fee is $10 per additional person. However, I highly suggest keeping the photos between you and your closest loved ones. Let me capture the connection you have with them!

A normal session will last approximately one to two hours.

Feel welcome to bring as many clothing changes as you’d like … Pastel colors work best with my “sunny” style of shooting.  Also, free to bring any unique items that are special to you or your children. We want to try and capture the important things in life that you never want to forget!

Wedding packages start at $1,975.


Credit and Debit cards accepted