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The question I am asked most often is “What should we wear??” Here is my list of suggestions on what to wear, and how to look your best for your photos. You don’t need to run out and buy new clothes, you just need to look your best and feel comfortable with what you are wearing.


Outfit: Dresses always look lovely, but a nice pair of jeans and a blouse look great as well! I tend to love pastel colors with creams and whites. Layers always look fabulous and add dimension to your photos.  When the weather is cold, scarves, hats, tall boots & mittens can really add to your outfit. Try to stay away from too bright of colors (hot pink especially) as they can reflect funny colors up to your chin as well as on the faces of other people in the photo.

Hair: You know how you leave the salon and your hair looks FAB, but the first time you try and recreate the same hair-do it never looks quite like it did when your stylist did it? Well why not schedule your next hair appointment right before your photo shoot! You know your hair will look it’s best and that will be less to stress about!

Make Up: Even if you don’t normally wear make up, I would highly recommend wearing some for your photo shoot. Your going to all of the work to look your best on this day, you could even hire a professional. Brittney Briscoe at the Dragonfly Salon does a fabulous job for only $25!

Accessories: When it comes to accessories, this can make your photos stand out! I absolutely LOVE a flower in your hair, or a flapper style headband. Feather hair pieces are beautiful too! If it’s cold outside, think layers with scarves, tall boots and boot socks. Pick accessories that compliment your style. But don’t be afraid to go bold! There is nothing like a bright turquoise necklace to tie together your outfit!


Outfits: In my opinion, dress shirts look nicer than polo shirts. A nice dress shirt with it tucked in or un-tucked, sleeves rolled up and a nice pair of jeans looks very dressy yet casual. Try to wear dress socks, as white socks stick out like a sore thumb! And please, no shorts!

*Don’t forget to shave or  trim your facial hair. Trust me, nothing ruins a good photo like an un-shaven face! If you are going for the scruffy look, please trim your beard.


Boys Outfits: It’s been my experience that little boys look best in newer clothes.  They wear their clothes out fast and you don’t want them looking dingy. I would recommend button up shirts, sweaters and jeans or khakis. has amazing boy clothes and ideas for outfits. A less expensive option is

Boys Accessories: A nice clean pair of shoes and socks will go a long way. Also, little boys look adorable in newsboy caps, suspenders or even a bow tie!

Girls Outfits: Little girls look cute in almost anything! You can’t go wrong with a sundress, a ruffly skirt, or even bloomers! A fantastic website to shop for your little girl is Their clothes and accessories are fabulous!

Girls Accessories: Headbands are my favorite accessory for little girls. I have quite a few headbands to choose from, or you can shop handmade headbands on Etsy. has great headbands as well.


*Lay out your clothes a few days before your photo shoot and don’t forget to IRON them if they are wrinkled. I cannot photo shop wrinkled clothes…

*Ladies, remind your men to shave! Stubble never looks good unless your married to Johnny Depp…

*Try to stay away from graphic t’s or wild prints. Prints such as chevron, plaid or polka dots look great. Just nothing too crazy!


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