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Our Little Bundle(s) of Joy!

April 15th started off just like any other day. Little did we know that our lives would be changed forever… We never were quite sure of our due date, but thought it was somewhere between the 12th and the 19th. You see, when it comes to child birth, I’m slightly old fashioned. I believe in a very low-intervention pregnancy. I trust that my body knows what to do, and that unless there are complications, a person doesn’t need ultra sounds or medical intervention. With our first child, we had him at home in water.  It was a wonderful experience and that was the plan for baby number two. So on April 15th when my contractions started, I was super excited to finally meet our newest addition! I was 99% sure it was going to be a little girl this time since my pregnancy was so different, and uncomfortable, compared to Grady. My contractions started around nine. I called my mid-wife around noon and she was to our house by one in the afternoon. When she checked me, she informed me that I was already dilated to a 7 and that she could feel feet. Of course this is the part of the story where everyone gasps and asks me “weren’t you scared that the baby was breech?!”. The honest truth is I wasn’t scared at all. I asked Sherry, my mid-wife whom I trust very much, if this was a problem. She said “Of course not! I love breech births!”. So we finished filling up the pool, watched the rest of Toy Story 3 with Grady, and decided it was time to start pushing. Sherry told me that with a breech birth, to just follow her instructions. After an hour or so of pushing, little baby Riven was born with ease. Another baby boy! After a time of holding our 5Lb 14oz  baby, Sherry was a little concerned that Riven was awfully small for the size of my belly. She put the doppler back to my stomach. Tha-thump, tha-thump, tha-thump… Another heartbeat! OH MY GOD! We’re having twins! Here’s the part in the story where everyone asks “Seriously, you didn’t know? Weren’t you really huge?”. No. We didn’t know. We never had an ultrasound. And yes, I felt huge, but my measurements were right on target with a single baby. Yes, I was extremely uncomfortable, but that’s pregnancy, right? So after another hour of pushing, out came our 6Lb 15oz Baby #2. Another beautiful baby boy! Baby number two remained un-named for about a week as we really did not have any back-up names picked out. Big brother Grady had wanted to name the baby Thor, even if it had been a girl. So when baby boy number two came out, Grady decided that he was definitely going to be named Thor. After a week, we decided that Thor fit him perfectly.:)So there you have it. Riven Elliott Endicott & Thorin Maddox Endicott. Our little surprise bundles of joy!



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